Real Name: Private

Aliases: xNighthawk-, sick, Mad, Gamer, Madgamer777

Rank: General of the Army

Join Date: September of 2007

Location: Southern California

Age: 671


Games: Cod4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Call of duty: World at War

Aim: blackhawk2oo9



-1st General of siCK     -Contribution Award    -Site Admin

-Clan Leader    -Moderator -Honorary Member

-Clan Founder   -siCK General -Group Leader

-Elite -Officer Rank -Group Co-Leader

------Joining Info---------

Madgamer777 came up with the sick title along with Zee_pwn_zor in september of 2007. After his PS3 crashed in August of 2008 his PSN Madgamer777 was deleted and he used xXsiCK as his primary account. He is still the leader of the clan Today.


"xXsiCK is too much of a lazy ass to write his bio. "

------Rank History---------

Commander: Upon founding the clan he was given the title Commander

Leader: His "commander" title turned into the Leader Name when Nightflyer's ranks were established

General of the army(Current): When XrolandofgilieadX's plan was put into effect the Leader rank turned into General of the Army. He proudly wears this rank today.



"Yo mad, You've always been a good leader even when you're not sure on what to do. Keep it up and long live siCK!" 


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