Real Name: Jayson
PSN: xtremesk8r1234 or X_xtremeSNiPeR_X
Games: Call of Duty, RSV2, Fallout 3, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, GTA4, Skate
Aim: xtremesk8r1234
MSN: Don't Have one...
Current Rank: Second Lieutenant
Aliases: xtreme, sk8r, the guy that just no scoped you from across the map, sexy (yeah ladies)
Join Date: August 25, 2008
Age: 14
Location: LI, NY

----------------------Joining info ---------------------------
I was kind of a n00b and I saw this one clan on YouTube and went to their website. I wasn't qualified to be in it and i started flipping through their allies section. siCK was one of the first ones there and I clicked on it. I have been here ever since.

- Officer Rank
- Group Co-Leader

I am 14 and my Birthday is October. I love Call of Duty games and playing online. Music is very important to me and I enjoy listening to my iPod everyday. I like playing Airsoft and play it with my friends. I currently attend Middle School and I am in a lot of Advanced Classes. I am a no scoper in CoD4 and currently have a few montages that can be found at I have a capture card and I have LiLCalibur, a fellow siCK member, help me edit them. siCK 4 LIFE!

----------------------------Rankup History------------------------------

JOINED: on august 25th 2008 Xtremesk8r1234 was accepted into the clan by xXsiCK

PRIVATE: Shortly afterward Xtremesk8tr1234 was promoted to private

PRIVATE FIRST CLASS: In december of 2008 Xtremesk8r1234 was promoted to Private First Class

CORPORAL: Xtremesk8r1234 was promoted by xrolandofgileadx in late january/early february of 2009.

FIRST SERGEANT: Xtremesk8r1234 was promoted to 1st sergeant by grad2008 on March 6th 2009.

Sergeant Major of the Army: Xtremesk8r1234 was promoted to Sergeant major of the Army by xXsiCK on March the 18th 2009.

Second Lieutenant(Current): Xtremesk8r1234 was promoted to Second Lieutenant when he was chosen to co-lead Call of Duty:Waw group Bravo. He was given this rank by, Dawgxx.
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