Current Rank: Specialist.

Age: 14


Games:Call of Duty4, Killzone2

location: Chicago 

---------------:Joining Info:---------------

"I wanted to join because I wanted someone to play with."

Rabid-- decided to apply for siCK in February of 2009. He was accepted into the siCK CoD4 division and is still an active member of the clan


My Real Name is Chad. I will be turning 15 next Febuary...I am a Fillipino-Japanese American Currently living in Chicago.MY goal is to reach general in Killzone2. I have a TOOON of fish. I moved from the Phillipines in january i think. I really want to get MW2..I hope it doesnt suck as much as CoD have a GRATE sense of humor...i like the spongebob abridged episodes.My favorite sport is basketball. MY favorite team is the Bulls. I got a front row seat for free! it was amazing...

:----------------Rank History-------------:

Private: Rabid-- was promoted to private shortly after he joined by xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx

Private First Class: Rabid-- was promoted to Private First Class by xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx a week later.

Specialist(current): On the 18th of April, 2009, Rabid-- earned the rank of Specialist from xXGoldeN-EnvoYXx.

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