Name: xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx

Real Name: Jasper

Age: 472

PSN: xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx, Nightflyer55755, Madcamper777 

Games: Cod4, Cod:WaW, Lbp, Soul Caliber IV.

Aim: Nightflyer55755


Rank: Major

Aliases: Night, Jazzy, Madcamper777, 

Join Date: March 2008

Location: Southern California

--------------------------JOINING INFO-----------------------

A long time friend of Madgamer777 Nightflyer was appointed     Co-Commander of siCK in June of 2008 because of his prior clan experience. He was not officially a member until June when he got his PS3. At first He was just in the clan to be with his friends and  help out with management, but after a while it grew on him, He decided to become more than just, a helper and join the community as a member. There was a short period where He left the clan because of certain issues but he could never stay away for too long. He is proud to be a member of this community.


" My name is Jasper Dutz, Friends call me Jazzy. I have a lot of interests but above all of them two stick out. Music, and Video-Games. I first started playing when I was in third grade, the year I met my dear friend xXsiCK. The first game I ever played was Pokémon Ruby version for the Gameboy advanced. After a while I moved on the Gamecube, PC gaming, Ps2, wii, until eventually I got a Ps3. If you've ever played with me in-game on any First Person shooter you probably know that I am terrible..... I cant aim right, I have little, if no tactics, and I just flat out suCK... But when it comes down to RPG's, I promise you, I WILL own you. I have always enjoyed playing in gaming communities that make me feel at home even when I'm in a gaming world and siCK has always done that for me. I think the least I can do to repay the clan is to make a nice Homepage for every one to enjoy, and do the work that people don't want to do. I am often thought of as that heartless cold "mother****er" who does the dirty work, I'd like to say that's not true but it is. I dont mind doing it because I want everyone to know its for their benefit. After all what is a clan but a bunch of gamers who get together to have fun? Well, that's about all there is to know about me and my life as a gamer."

----------------------Rank History---------------------

Co-Commander- Nightflyer was appointed Co-Commander of siCK in june of 2008. 

Co-Leader- Nightflyer developed a new ranking system in July of 2008 where his previous rank was the equivalent of Co-Leader.

Left- Nightflyer left the clan due to personal reasons

Returned-sergeant- Nightflyer returned in November of 2008 when Xrolandofgileadx's new ranking system was established. He was given the rank of sergeant

First Sergeant - xXsiCK gave Nightflyer the rank of First Sergeant shortly after his return to the clan. 

Captain - Nightflyer volunteered to lead Group D of CoD:WaW earning him the rank of Captain in December of 2008.

Major General - xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx was promoted to Major General by Stormninja4 and xXsiCK on 2-27-09

Captain - Golden-Envoy stepped down from general yet again because of clan issues and returned to the rank of captain.

General(4 star) - xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx was promoted to General by  xXsiCK and Zenma-Ninja after re-structure

Major (current) - xXGoldeN-EnVoYXx decided not to continue general duties and was given the rank of Major when he assumed the position of rank-points updater.



-Creator of .:siCK:. Homepage

  -Clan Co-Leader

-Clan Founder 


-Site Admin


-Officer Rank

-Group Leader

-Group Co-Leader

        -Hall of Fame

           -Website editor

      - Points and rank officer.

       -siCK General

       -8th General of siCK

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