Name: Mikeyc69
Real Name: Mikey
PSN: Mikeyc69
Games: COD4, COD5, Killzone2, LBP 
Goals: To maintain my high standard of leadership skills and improve the clan as a whole, and make the siCK experience as good as I can for all members.
Current Rank: Honorary General
Aliases: Mikey, Mike
Join Date: 26 March 2008
Age: 23
Location: Scotland, UK

-------------Joining info----------------

Plain and simple, I love gaming! Have done forabout 15 years, and when online gaming got bigger, and I got more and more addicted, I wanted to play alongside people I knew and could trust and not just random people who can barely play. siCK was my first clan and hopefully will be my last! I was originally looking for a 'clan' and what I found and have helped mould is basically a community of friends, we wouldn't still be here today if it wasn't for the support of all our members/friends!


I'm 23, like a good laugh, work hard play harder type of guy. Im very determined and always trying to improve myself... I have a girlfriend called Louise who I have been with for 4 and a half years, I spend most of my free time with her, but find alot of time for gaming also. Apart from that I am big on sports, I play 5-a-side football (soccer) twice a week.

-------------- Rank History-------------
JOINED: Mikeyc69 Joined the clan in march of 2008

GROUP CO-LEADER: Mikeyc69 was given the rank of Group Co-Leader by Dark-Matter74

ELITE: Mikeyc69 was promoted to Elite by the elite.

HONORARY MEMBER: Awarded Honorary Member by Nightflyer.

ADMINISTRATORPromoted to Admin by the Leadership.

CO-LEADER OF SICK: Promoted to Clan co-leader by Nightflyer and xxsiCK.

GENERAL: When XrolandofGileadX's new ranking system was put into effect mikey was given the rank of General.

Left:  When many members left to create clan SyKo mikey left as well.



- Contribution

- 3rd General of siCK

- .:siCK:. Hall of Fame

- clan co-leader

- Honorary Member

- Forum Admin

- Clan Group Leader

- Clan Group Co-Leader

-Officer Ranking

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