Name: TenClipz

Real Name: Matt


Games: CoD4

Aim: N/A


Aliases/Previous names: Mattance, Clipz, Ten

Join Date: February 13th, 2009

Age: 22

Location: England, Europe

-----------Joining info-------------------------------------------------- I wanted to join a clan so that I could play with some regular people, get to know how they play and hopefully improve my gaming and make some new friends along the way. I posted some messages on some random COD forums that I'd googled and someone posted a link here. I checked it out and applied along with some other clans. this one seemed to be the most "user friendly" forum and was very active too, which is always a good thing. so here i am =] ------------------Bio----------------------------------------------------- "Currently im unemployed *=/* but looking for a job, no idea what i want to do with my life so im gunna go on a computer course and see where that takes me. Im 22, have a 5.5month old kid called Connor who is seriously the best kid n e 1 could wish for. never crys, sleeps for a minimum of 10hrs a night and is the cutest thing ive ever seen (yeh im biast, but so would u be =p) i dont live with his mum any more due to arguin, but were still together just seein how things go." ------------Achievements----------------------------------------------- .:N/A:.

-----------Rankup History-----------------------------------------------

JOINED: Mattance was accepted into the clan in the CoD4 division on February 13th 2009

Private: Mattance was promoted to private soon afterwards by xXsiCK.

PRIVATE FIRST CLASS: On the 11th of march mattance was promoted to private first class by xXsiCK.

SERGEANT: On the 19th of April, 2009, Tenclipz was promoted to Sergeant by xXsiCK.

Master SERGEANT(current): Matt was promoted in early july 2009 to the rank of master Sergeant by Golden-Envoy

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