Name: fireman_tim

Real Name: Tim
PSN: fireman_tim
Games: COD4
Current Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Aliases: fireman, nice but dim, you there behind the bushes
Join Date: Early Dec '08
Age: 28
Location: Scotland, UK soon to be Zurich Switzerland

-----------------------------Joining info---------------------------------

Well I love my team sports, and good team work is fundamental in COD4. Wanted to play with other good team payers and thought a Clan would be good for me. Play with better players, learn from them and improve yourself... Besides its a good interaction with guys who are also interested in gaming etc... Saw xXsiCK's recruitment post in cod4boards and gave it a go.


I'm 28, a full time firefighter, happily married, play alot of sports & an originally from South Africa. Been living in the UK since '99 but had enough here and seeking newer pastures in Switzerland, my wife is Swiss and we met in Cyprus in '02. I enjoy gaming, usually played Gran Tursimo and sports games, COD4 is my first FPS type game & I'm loving it. Really competitive and ambitious so also wanting to improve and move up in life and in games.

Your choice of Real Life or RolePlaying

Real life.


-group Co-Leader
-Officer Rank

--------------------------- Rank History-------------------------------

2nd Lieutenant: In January 2009 Tim went from recruit to 2nd Lieutenant with promotion to Co-Leader of COD4 Team Alpha. He was promoted by  DC93 and the Generals


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