Name: DC93
Real Name: Andy Davies
PSN: AndrewDC93
Games: GTA IV, CoD4, CoD; WaW, Midnight Club; LA.
Aim: xXsiCKDCXx
Current Rank: Captain
Aliases: DC, Andy, Andrew
Join Date: Sep 18 2008
Age: 15
Location: Cardiff, Wales

-----------------------------Joining info--------------------------

Originally I started out as a below average CoD4 player who sought out help on CoD4Boards and wandered into the clan section of that site. I put up a 'recruit me' topic & xXsiCK dropped me an invite. I signed up at the forum and posted my application for CoD4 and soon enough I was a member of Group A!


Real life; I'm a homeschooled average 15 year old lad who has an outgoing and friendly personality... and a slight temper which I have managed to calm down. I sleep, I eat, I fu- erm, moving swiftly on. Razz

Gaming; In game I'm a silent guy who talks only when required to. If I don't talk my much over the mic you can tell I'm taking a serious approach. In private matches or when the mood is light I'm usually the joker. My sniping skill in CoD4 & GTA IV is not to be taken lightly, I could snipe a dime off a pin from 100 feet away. Never underestimate my skill. Very Happy


-Group Leader
-Forum Moderator
-Captain rank
-Officer Rank
-7th General of siCK

---------------------------- Rank History-------------------------

JOINED: DC93 joined the clan in the COD4 division.

CAPTAIN: Promoted to Captain by xXsiCK in December 2008.

Major General: Promoted to Major General on February 27th 2009 by The siCK Generals and  xXsiCK.
Left: DC93 left the clan to start his own in april 2009.

Returned (Captain):
DC93 (xandy-) decided to return to sick. having 5000 previous points accumilated DC became one of the first members ever to achieve this rank through points alone.


"DC has always been a loyal and faithful member who never forgets to make you feel welcome in the clan RIGHT ON MAN!"


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