Name: Dawgxx

Real Name: Josh

Psn: Dawgxx

Games: GTA IV, CoD WaW and soon to be killzone 2

Current rank: Captain 

Aliases: Dawg, CoD4 hater

Join date: early august of 2008

Age: 15

Location: Montreal quebec

--------------------------Joining info----------------------------

I wanted to join a clan for Soul caliber IV so I did stuck around and then I got call of duty WaW also everyone here was pretty cool and funny so I stuck around.



-Captain Rank

-Hall of Fame

-Officer Rank


Well, im about 6'2 and 190 lbs im doing some MMA training because i wanna be like George St.Pierre. I dont live in the greatest neighborhood but i get by with the bunch of friend i have. I'm the oldest of 4 kids and usally get blamed for all their bogus.

-------------------------Rank History-----------------------------

Joined: Dawgxx joined the clan in early August of 2008. He was recruited by  xXsiCK  on Soul Calibur 4.

Second Lieutenant: Dawgxx was appointed Second lieutenant because he decided to volunteer to be Co-Leader Cod:WaW group A.

Captain: Dawgxx was given the rank of captain when he volunteered to be the leader of CoD:WaW group B.

Left: Dawgxx left the clan and joined syko in late march of 2009


"Dawg my man! you have done more for this clan by simply being an active member than many of us will ever be able to do. Keep up the good work!"


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